Arlafoods, Lederudvikling

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Arlafoods, Lederudvikling

“Lindeblad has in a period of 12 month been the facilitator of a series of sessions for the Top30 leadership team in Consumer Denmark, Arlafoods. The program called “Passion for Performance” consisted of 5 modules of 1-2 days focusing on developing a shared culture and leadership focus in the top30 group. Throughout the program external speakers were invited to bring inspiration.
The program was co-developed between Lindeblad and Arla and in this process Lindeblad has shown strong flexibility, creativity and inspiration on how to mobilize the resources of 30 leaders. Lindeblad has especially added a very holistic approach to personal development where both heart and head were engaged.

A lot of outdoor exercises and “defining moments” were used to anchor the learning points. In a post-evaluation 86% answer that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the outcome of the program and especially “Stronger collaboration in the Top30 Group”, “Stronger insight into personal strengths” and “A shared mindset” have been highlighted as key-takeaways. I can recommend working with Lindeblad to engage in a non-traditional manner with a lot of positive energy and outdoor experiences.” Morten Krebs Gjesing, Head of HR, Consumer Denmark, Arlafoods


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30. januar 2017